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The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Corp. (BCIA) is has registered trademarks for both the VISIBLE & KISSABLE® tagline and BCIA® logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Ser. Nos. 86173163 and 86173160).

In order to maintain the distinctive quality of these important marks and to be able to prevent the unauthorized use of these marks by third parties, our attorneys are requiring that we remain vigilant in ensuring that the marks are used properly and only by authorized association members and/or on authorized promotional materials.

Outlined below are instructions for proper use of the term “Visible & Kissable®”

  1. Safety literature describing how to use your baby carrier appropriately
  2. Owner’s Manual or instruction page illustrating how to use a baby carrier
  3. Carrier packaging when explicitly identifying safe ways to wear the carrier
  4. Signage in stores showing how to safely wear a baby in a carrier
  5. Using “Visible and Kissable®” in a social media safety campaign. #visibleandkissable taglines should be accompanied by #bcia or #babycarrierindustryalliance taglines as well.

Please note, the trademarked phrase “Visible & Kissable®™” cannot be used in the following ways:

  1. Marketing material for a specific company or brand or personal use
  2. In combination with a brand’s own name and logo
  3. Booth, uniform or show decorations
  4. Giveaways or advertising at events or other such venues
  5. Print, online or video marketing & advertising for a company or brand

This term is for use in regards to Safe Babywearing only. It is an all-purpose term, owned by BCIA, and may not be used in conjunction with specific brand recognition. When used, it must have a registered trademark symbol ® next to it. Bottom of document should indicate the following: “Visible & Kissable is a trademark of BCIA, registered in the U.S.”.

Outlined below are instructions for proper use of the BCIA logo, including the BCIA business member badge:

  1. BCIA business members in good standing may display the BCIA business member logo on promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, retail posters, emails and website homepages (or on an ‘About Us’ or other non-shopping website page) and social media homepages
  2. The BCIA logo or business member logo must be used in its entirety

Please note, the BCIA logo and member badge logo cannot be used in the following ways:

  1. Placing the BCIA logo on a product, product packaging or product listings on websites is not permitted and is not considered an endorsement by the BCIA
  2. The wording “BCIA Compliant” should never be used alone or in conjunction with the BCIA member badge. This is misleading and incorrect terminology as BCIA is not a regulatory body

If you have any questions, please email the executive director at director@babycarrierindustryalliance.0rg

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