Our Mission

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance exists to increase awareness of the value of quality baby carriers and to support those in the baby carrier industry. The BCIA was formed in 2010 as a 501(c)(6) corporation. As an alliance of industry leaders, the BCIA is organized to propagate standards across the industry, promote educational outreach, participate in research, and help small businesses comply with standards. We are passionate about babywearing and about the baby carrier industry. Everyone on the board has been or is a babywearing business owner or educator (or both!). We know how hard you all work on your business or as educators teaching others how to carry their children. Many of us started our businesses at our kitchen tables (and some of us still work from home). It is our goal to serve the needs of babywearing businesses and educators, both large and small.

Inclusivity Statement

The BCIA represents the baby carrier industry with a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We endeavor to welcome all, irrespective of age, sex, orientation, gender identification, race, ethnic background, religion or abilities. We endeavor to practice diverse representation through our policies and practices, including through board and committee member representation, images used in print and web-based materials, inclusive language and outreach strategies with the industry and larger community as a whole. Our expectation is that BCIA industry members will conduct themselves with the same commitment to human rights, respect and tolerance. We recognize that our industry has risen from a rich tradition of carrying practices that extends across all cultures. Past traditions and current carrying cultural practices are due our respect and acknowledgment.

Board of Directors

Arie Brentnall

Chair (2010-2022)

Susan Gmeiner

Treasurer (2010-2022)

Allie Vella

Secretary (2019-2021)

Diana Mateescu

European Standards (2016-2022)

Alisa Heytow DeMarco


Tina Hoffmann


Kit Jenkins


Laura Brown



Linnea Catalan

Executive Director (2012-present)

Organizational History

The babywearing industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. While there are certainly well-loved, quality brands of baby carriers that have been with us for years, many of the available babywearing products today are being produced by companies that began within the past ten–or even five–years. While there are organizations in existence that represent the broader needs of companies engaged in manufacturing products for the juvenile market, no one organization served the needs of those who make or sell to consumers, or who educate them about how to use baby carriers. Kristi Hayes-Devlin felt strongly that such an organization was vital to the continued health and growth of the industry, and so she decided to formally incorporate the BCIA. Along with 12 other founding members, Hayes-Devlin launched the BCIA in July 2010.

Vesta Garcia, then Executive Director of the BCIA, first approached ASTM International about the creation of a voluntary sling standard in 2007. In additional to Hayes-Devlin and Garcia, several other board members have been instrumental in working towards the creation of a sling safety standard, including Kristen DeRocha (former CEO of Hotslings and former Chair of the ASTM Sling Subcommittee) and Rochelle Price (former Chair of the ASTM Sling Subcommittee). BCIA looks forward to continued growth as we serve as advocates for members of the baby carrier industry.

Founding Board Members