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Industry Roundtable Recap 2019

Our monthly industry roundtable sessions have continued through 2019. Here's a quick recap of what's been discussed. May 22, 2019 May topic: With no current international body that governs babywearing education, how do we navigate varying definitions of credentials,...

Our Mission

BCIA supports the baby carrier industry in bringing safe carriers to market, promotes the importance of in-arms carrying, and works to increase the value of baby carriers.

Inclusivity Statement

The BCIA represents the baby carrier industry with a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We endeavor to welcome all, irrespective of age, sex, orientation, gender identification, race, ethnic background, religion or abilities. We endeavor to practice diverse representation through our policies and practices, including through board and committee member representation, images used in print and web-based materials, inclusive language and outreach strategies with the industry and larger community as a whole. Our expectation is that BCIA industry members will conduct themselves with the same commitment to human rights, respect and tolerance. We recognize that our industry has risen from a rich tradition of carrying practices that extends across all cultures. Past traditions and current carrying cultural practices are due our respect and acknowledgment.

An Alliance of Industry Leaders

Increasing awareness of the value of quality baby carriers and advancing the well-being and growth of baby carrier manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and educators.

BCIA Membership Comes With Benefits

On a global level, BCIA represents manufacturers, retailers, distributors, educators and supporting industry members from textile mills to other non-profit organizations. There is a BCIA business membership level to suit every budget. Explore what the BCIA has to offer to determine if membership is right for you.

Direct Mail and Online PRS

Manage the regulatory registration requirements through our Product Registration Service, uniquely set up to serve both small and international business members.

Industry Representation

Your voice and business concerns are officially represented with Government and Regulatory bodies around the world (CPSC, Health Canada, ACCC, CEN, ASTM etc).

Legal Representation

BCIA has retained top product liability attorney Neal Cohen to represent the needs of the industry. Need a compliance attorney? We have a list of excellent referrals as well.


Our members say that ‘networking’ is one of the things they value most about BCIA membership. We offer plenty of opportunities to meet and discuss industry needs both in person (AGM, conferences, trade shows etc) and in our online discussion forums.

Business Support

Product labels and templates, lab testing discounts, compliance programs, referrals to translators, web designers and printers who know and work with our industry: the BCIA continually sources new partnerships to help manage your business needs.


We may not have perfect insurance solutions, but we can point you in the right direction and refer you to those who have answers.

Ongoing Education

Stay connected via our monthly newsletters, webinars on topics of industry interest, and through our online library of resources and articles. Join the conversation and be a part of our collaborative efforts to put out consistent and current best practice information.


Exclusive, affordable sponsorship opportunities that put your brand name in front of industry and consumers alike.


Whether your looking to increase your own knowledge, or send a staff member for specialty training, BCIA makes a number of conference and educational opportunity scholarships available to BCIA members throughout the year.

Our Members are united worldwide.

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