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Your basic guide to product registration cards

Managing product registration cards can be tricky. Members often reach out for support around the product registration component of CPSIA.

Both the labs testing baby carriers and Registria, our card processing partner, have identified a number of areas where manufacturers and distributors sometimes overlook key details when preparing these cards. Here’s a straightforward guide to filling out product registration cards for your baby carriers or other products.

What are product registration cards?

A product registration card is a postcard that allows consumers to ensure the company has their contact information in case the product is ever recalled.

In the US, baby carriers are considered a “durable nursery product,” which means they are regulated by law. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, CPSIA, requires that there is a physical product registration card attached to each baby carrier in addition to an online product registration option.

The product registration card regulation can be complex to navigate. The cards must meet requirements for text size and layout, for instance. Postage must be prepaid by the manufacturer.

What is our product registration program?

The BCIA + Registria Program is a turnkey product registration service for baby carriers and nursery products. This program is available at an extraordinarily low cost for our members, and is free when you are a member of our standard, intermediate, and gold-level plans.

Our collaboration with Registria can bring you into compliance with the juvenile products product registration requirement of the CPSIA.

Effective December 29, 2010, baby carriers and other durable nursery products are required to have both digital and paper product registration programs in place (read more about this CPSIA requirement). If you sell baby carriers into the US market, you must physically attach a product registration card to each carrier, and there are strict requirements the card must meet.

If you are not currently a member of the BCIA+Registria program and want to learn more, follow this link. If you are already a member, your program-related resources are available on this page.

Product registration program resources and materials for BCIA + Registria members

This content is only available to members of our BCIA & Registria product registraion program. If you’re a member, login here or you can become a member here If you are already a member and you are having trouble accessing this content, please send us an email.

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