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Webinar: International Product Safety — Baby Carriers and More

Overview of the international product safety webinar

This webinar discusses the shifting landscape of international product safety. It was sponsored by the Society of Product Safety Professionals.

The presentation is made by three attorneys from Cooley, a broad-reaching, innovative law firm. Although the webinar does not discuss international baby carrier product safety specifically, Emma Bichet, Rod Freeman, and Edward Turtle offer their expertise on what to be aware of when you are selling globally.

Does this presentation discuss specific countries?

The webinar offers a broad picture of regulatory issues around the world. “Global hotspots” are highlighted, but the points made apply to sales in any country. These are areas with notable emerging or expanding product regulatory activity, which includes increasing regulations, more regulatory enforcement, or growing fines:

  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • EU
  • UK
  • Asia (ie South Korea)

Why should I worry about international product safety regulations?

Regulations can vary considerably from region to region or from country to country. Fortunately, we’re seeing increased international cooperation regarding regulations and standardization, which will ultimately make it easier to create products and policies that are compliant across borders.

In some cases, companies will sell different versions of its products depending on the regulations of the specific country they’re selling to. In this case, it’s important to consider this carefully as part of your compliance plan. If the standards in one country are more stringent than those in another, are you selling a different, “safer” product in one region in order to meet regulations? If there is an incident in, say, the US, and you are selling a “safer” product in Europe, it may be used against you in a US court.

What regulations should I be thinking about?

There is an expanding concept of “safety” and compliance in regulatory activity. When considering what regulations, laws, and directives apply to your company, be aware that some laws govern things like data policies, manufacturing techniques, and consumer rights in addition to product liability and safety.

Here are some of the areas being expanded by regulatory activity:

  • Product safety regulation
  • Product liability
  • Data security/privacy
  • Circular economy/sustainability
  • Roles and responsibilities of online sellers and resellers
  • “Right to repair”
  • Risk assessment/recall
  • Consumer rights

Within the European Union, there is so much regulatory reform that parliament is calling it the “fourth industrial revolution.” The webinar discusses some of what is currently on the table in the EU. Two topics the presenters call out specifically are the “green transition” and proposed revisions to GPSD and GPSR (General Product Safety Directive and Regulations).

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Watch the Webinar: International Product Safety

Webinar is by the Society of Product Safety Professionals and not sponsored by or affiliated with the BCIA.

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