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Baby Carrier Product Recall Plan

Baby Carrier Product Recall Plan

If your company manufactures baby carriers, wraps, slings, hip seats, etc., you should have a baby carrier product recall plan in place.

Recalls are rare, but they can happen for many reasons. If a product has incorrect labels, component breakage, or other issues, then a government’s consumer product safety commission or public health organization may issue a baby carrier product recall.

Compliance planning: preventing a baby carrier product recall

No company wants to endure a baby carrier product recall. Manufacturers and product designers of all durable nursery products go to great lengths to design products that meet or exceed all safety standards and that are comfortable for both parent and child.

Creating and following a written compliance plan ensures that you are, in fact, meeting all relevant standards and guidelines. The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is best known for supporting our members with product compliance. Here are some articles to get you started if you have not yet created your baby carrier compliance plan:

Once the compliance plan is written, you will need to implement it. The BCIA has several practical resources and products to help you implement your compliance plan:

Preparing for a baby carrier product recall

The most helpful thing you can do to prepare for a baby carrier product recall is to keep a list of customers using a product registration program or other tracking program. If you or the government of the country in which you are selling determines there is a problem with your baby carrier that requires a product recall or safety alert, you will want to contact people that currently own the product to alert them.

In the United States, a product registration program is a legal requirement. However, around the world, companies implement product registration cards and/or online registration options.

The BCIA offers a unique turnkey product registration service for our members, BCIA+Registria. You can learn more about the program here — it’s our most popular membership benefit.

Additional information: Preparing a baby carrier product recall plan

For additional information on creating a baby carrier product recall plan, check out the following helpful guides:

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