Supply Order Form

Supply Order Form

To order product registration cards, labels, brochures or templates, please email Linnea at with the following:

Name and Company Name

Mailing Address (please let us know if you are at a new address from previous orders) and telephone number (for non-US orders only).

Email address for paypal invoicing

Exact quantities and name of what you are ordering

Visible and Kissable Safety Brochures

Cost: Free to anyone who wants them, for the cost of shipping

English brochures ship from the US, English or French brochures ship from Canada

Templates to print yourself also available in English, French and Spanish

*July 2018: currently out of stock in Australia and UK

Product Registration Cards

PRS cards ship from California, USA. They are postage paid generic cards where you enter business information, model and product details yourself.

Generic Product Registration Cards 20c ea + shipping 

Editable Product Registration Card Template (free)

ASTM Warning Labels

Labels ship from California, USA. Please be specific in what labels you are requesting to avoid delays. Labels are poly satin, heat sealed. Current label stock printed by Fancyweaver Printing, out of Hong Kong. Lead test results available in the member content section under labels and templates.

ASTM F2907 SLING labels 8-35lbs, ENGLISH 40c ea. +shipping 

ASTM F2907 WRAP labels 8-35lbs, ENGLISH, 40c ea. +shipping

ASTM F2907 SLING labels 8-35lbs, FRENCH, 40c ea. +shipping

ASTM F2907 WRAP labels 8-35lbs, FRENCH, 40c ea. +shipping

ASTM F2236 SOFT CARRIER labels 8-35lbs, ENGLISH, 30c ea. +shipping

ASTM F2236 SOFT CARRIER labels 3.6-15.8kg, FRENCH, 30c ea. +shipping (out of stock, not currently being re-ordered)

Templates *sent via email, one time fee of 15$. Ideal if you want to edit, use for instructions or work with your own printer

F2907 SLING Template 8-35lbs english

F2907 WRAP Template 8-35lbs english

F2907 WRAP and SLING 8-35lbs french

F2236 SOFT CARRIER template EDITABLE weight range, english

F2236 SOFT CARRIER template 3.6-15.8kg french

The fine print:

*Orders are invoiced after they ship, often towards the end of the week/month. Don’t worry if you don’t receive an invoice immediately, we’re on top of it!

*Orders typically ship out from the US on Mondays and Fridays. Please budget shipping time accordingly. Orders ship out from Canada as they are received.

*Please include all of your company info/name/shipping address/invoicing email and quantities requested when ordering. The more specific your order is, the faster it will ship out, and the less time we can spend clarifying over email. This keeps pricing low for you and staff hours reasonable for us. Thank you for your efforts!

A small selection of some of the labels we provide (shown- french and english F2907 sling labels, English Soft Carrier labels).