PSA: Using Clothing as Carriers

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The BCIA is a non-profit trade organization representing the manufacturers, retailers and educators who work in the baby carrier industry. We work to advance the industry, promote the importance of carrier use, and maintain best practice and safety guidelines for consumers.

Quite a bit of social media attention has recently centered around using clothing as a makeshift carrier, in particular, using long, thin, stretchy cardigans as a wrap around carrying shirt.

These shirts are not manufactured, tested, or meant to be worn as weight bearing child carrying devices. They are very thin, seamed, and may not be of an appropriate fabric composition for baby carrier use. The BCIA strongly advises that these shirts should not be sold or purchased with the intention to carry a child in a hands free fashion.

Carrying your child does not need to be expensive or complicated. Parents across all cultures have carried children in a simple piece of sturdy cloth for centuries. This remains a time-tested practice provided the cloth can suitably bear weight. If the idea of a ‘carrying shirt’ appeals, there are a number of reputable manufacturers who have designed their products specifically for this intended use. We encourage consumers to seek out these alternative options rather than modifying an article of clothing that was never intended for baby carrier use.

As always, keep your baby ‘Visible & Kissable’™ in a securely fastened carrier that fits your child appropriately. For more resources please see:

Babywearing Safety-

Compliance Education for Consumers-

Looking for hands on help? We suggest seeking out a local baby carrier retailer, educator or babywearing group.

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