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Babywearing Friend and Champion (non-voting member)

$25.00 / year

Love babywearing? Want to support educators, artisan weavers, small businesses, and baby carriers in general? Your membership helps us offer resources so small businesses can survive and thrive in a time when many babywearing businesses have shuttered.

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When the BCIA was founded in 2010, there were a lot of people who wanted to support our work and the businesses we connect, but they weren\’t in the babywearing business themselves.

They asked if we could create a membership level for them, and the BCIA friend and champion was born.

Why become a Babywearing Friend and Champion

Starting and maintaining a babywearing businesses is tough, but our members do it because they love babywearing and they love their customers.

Our job is to help them manage and understand all the different laws and regulations that apply to their work.

More importantly, we work to keep product testing affordable so that even the smallest babywearing businesses can create the bespoke products you\’ve come to love. We help educators stay on top of best practice, research, news. We refer babywearing businesses to insurance services. We help small retailers who are fighting to keep their doors open with the rise of Amazon.

And we make sure families continue to have access to quality babywearing products, education, and information.

When you become a BCIA Babywearing Friend and Champion, you are helping us support their work. We are a very small organization and rely on memberships to support the important work we do.

Happy babywearing, and thank you for your support of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

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