PRS Online Setup And Installation

If you have a business website and are doing business in the US, you are required to have an online Product Registration Service installed on your website so that customers can register their carrier online.  This is in addition to physically attaching the PRS cards to each carrier you sell (read more about the BCIA PRS program here).

BCIA has negotiated a discount for a CPSIA-compliant online product registration system for our members. There are two components: the database and the installation.

Online Product Registration Database

  • one web page allows customer to register their product
  • one web page thanks customer for their submission
  • one database retains records for the manufacturer
  • how you access the database depends somewhat on your web host (example below)
  • data can be exported to an XL file
  • information can be modified and updated through admin area
  • the input form can be modified slightly to fit your specific needs* (e.g. model name versus number and to visually match your web site)
  • system is compliant with the CPSIA of 2008


one price for the purchase of this system ($75)
one price for installation of the system into an existing web site, if needed ($50)

You can see a demo of the front end here:

And a demo of the back end here:
username: demo
password: demo

Click on “Form Browser” in the “Content” area to see and explore the product registration database.

Please contact Brad, of Point 4 Design, to purchase this system: /(843)-597-4313. Please contact the BCIA if you have any other questions.

*The format of this online registration form is strictly regulated by the CPSIA language. BCIA will review the final form to ensure that it complies with regulations, including:

  • only the manufacturer’s name and one link to the home page are present (meaning, this web page must be outside of the normal navigation of the web site)
  • no advertising
  • accessing the form shall not cause additional screens or electronic banners to appear
  • registration information may not be used for any purpose other than notifying the customer in the event of a recall or safety alert (e.g. no tick box for “add me to the mailing list”)

The online registration form may only request the following information:
telephone number
email address
product name
product number (if applicable)
date of manufacture (or date code)