While babywearing is a time-honored tradition, the baby carrier sector as an industry is still young. The last 5 to 10 years have seen explosive growth in the industry. Today the baby carrier industry is thriving, expanding and becoming a bigger part of the mainstream market every day. Our industry members continue to bring new innovations and designs to the market, to revitalize traditional carrying practices, to expand their retail offerings, and to professionalize education to ever-widening circles. What an exciting time to witness.

With this growth has come increased regulations, safety standards, legal requirements and insurance issues to navigate. The role of the BCIA has always been to help small businesses manage their compliance needs, keep industry informed, and to open a space where industry members can add their voice to the conversation about the issues that concern you most.

The goal of educators, manufacturers and retailers alike has always been to share baby carrying as a practice as something that is accessible and necessary to all caregivers. We believe that a baby carrier is an invaluable addition to every caregiver’s toolkit. The BCIA promotes the growth of the industry through the success of our members’ businesses. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, educator or non-profit outreach organization, the BCIA benefits your organization through:

  • testing discounts and access to our in-house Product Registration Program
  • referrals to insurance options and product liability legal counsel
  • scholarship and sponsorship opportunities
  • regular updates pertaining to standards and regulations, industry best practices and safety information
  • networking opportunities within the industry
  • knowledge that your business is represented with government regulators, standards committees, and in the media
  • access to in-house advice and legal expertise

The BCIA is your only non-profit trade organization committed exclusively to the baby carrier industry. We are a cooperative, collective organization, working on the premise that together, our voice is stronger. Wondering if BCIA membership is the right fit for your business? Contact us to discuss further. Join the industry conversation.