How To: Product Registration Cards

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The first post in our “How To: Compliance” series- Product Registration Cards. Both the labs and our card processing partner have identified a number of areas where manufacturers and distributors sometimes overlook key details when preparing these cards. Follow through our straightforward (with pictures!) tutorial to make sure you are meeting this regulatory requirement correctly.

Product registration is a legal requirement for all carriers sold into the US. It is not required in other countries though you can certainly attach cards for carrier destined for other countries anyway if you choose- but it is not a legal obligation outside of the US. This tutorial is specifically prepared to assist our members who use the BCIA+Registria Product Registration Service, but of course take from it what you need if you handle product registration in-house.

Your product registration template comes to you as a two page file. Printing your cards double sided should yield you a double sided 5 inch by 8 inch (ish-depending on your chosen file size- please aim to have them printed as close to the true file size as possible) “postcard”. The card when you attach it to your product should look like 2 post cards joined together.

Front of card

This is the front half of the product registration card.

Section 1 (neon green box): this is your online registration link. You need to create a specific online registration form on your website and include that address in this space. Linking to your main homepage is not sufficient, you want to link to the specific registration page. Not sure what needs to be included on this page? The official regulation can be found here. Don’t include any extras- you only want the specific wording as laid out in the regulatory requirements. Examples of online registration forms: Catbird Baby, Moby, Lillebaby. (All manufacturers or distributors with a website should have an online registration form set up- these are just a few examples.)

*No dedicated website or you are a facebook/etsy/local market etc. seller? No problem. Use a dedicated email address instead. Those instructions are also included in the official regulation wording.

Section 2 (neon red box): this is your company name. Including your name on this card is vital if our processor is ever going to be able to get your processed cards back to you. This is the single best way we have of identifying which cards belong to which company. PLEASE make sure your company name is on the front of the card.

*See that dotted line in the middle of the card? It needs to be perforated. If you are having a printer do your cards, make sure they perforate them for you. If you are printing off cards yourself, running the card through a sewing machine or using a simple perforator tool will get the job done (google brought up lots of options from craft, scrapbooking and office supply sources).

Back of card

This is the back half of the product registration card.

Section 3 (neon blue box): Manufacturer (or distributor) contact details. This is the portion of the card that the customer keeps for their records.

Section 4 and 4.1 (neon pink): This is where your model name, number and date goes. It can be in code. See how the same information is replicated on both portions of the card, top and bottom? That’s because the top half stays with the customer and the bottom half comes back to the card processor and is then returned to you via your collected card data. YOU, as the manufacturer/distributor are responsible for filling out this pink portion BEFORE your product goes out to your consumer. You cannot leave this space blank.

*note: the model name, number and date should match the model name, number and date on your tracking label on your product, as well as on your packaging and in your own records. There should be multiple points whereby you or a customer can identify a specific product according to its tracking number which is why that number is repeated on the product, the product registration card and on the product packaging.

Finished Product

Sling carrier with required labeling and product registration card attached.

Before you package up and send off your product, the product registration card MUST be attached to the carrier somehow. How you attach it is up to you- tied on, hang tag gun, clips, ribbon, etc. But it must be attached somehow. It cannot be tucked into the instructions or just laid on the product. Folding the card along the perforation or not is optional.

That’s it! Your product is consumer-ready regarding Product Registration.

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