How To: Annual Compliance Review

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January is a terrific time to do a scheduled compliance and process review. A few things to ask yourself as you work through this process:

-Has the safety standard that applies to your product been updated recently? The ASTM F2907 Sling Standard was updated at the end of 2019.

-Is your testing plan and testing schedule laid out for the upcoming year? Do you know when your own test records or any component test reports expire?

-Are you planning any design, material or component changes that will require new or re-testing?

-Have there been any regulatory changes in the past year? The CPSC business guides are clearly written and regularly updated. See the links for Soft Carriers, Slings, and Frame Carriers.

-Have there been any industry recalls, incidents or reports? The Safer Products database covers US incident reports. US recalls are covered here. RAPEX covers the European Union.

*this list is rather US-centric, but the premise is similar for other countries.

BCIA Compliance Review

2021 Test Reports/GCC for all of our printed warning labels are available for your records here. Please use this GCC for any labels purchased after November 2020.

The Children’s Product Certificate template and instructions have also been updated. No major changes, just a few clarifying points.

Manufacturer and Retailer compliance checklists have been reviewed and updated as well.