COVID-19: Masks and PPE Manufacturers

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Government and health officials around the world are now strongly suggesting that the general public wear masks when out and about. With so many talented designers, seamstresses, manufacturers and distributors in our industry, quite a few have turned their talents to producing masks and other PPE (caps, straps etc). Many of our industry members have, and continue to generously donate masks to essential/health care workers. The companies listed below also have stock available to the general public.

*if you would like to be listed here, please drop us a line and we will include your shop.

RookieBaby– masks available to Austria, Switzerland, Germany. Available free for midwives, or for direct purchase.

Sleeping Baby Productions– USA based.

Kinderpack– USA based.

Gabby Caperon– USA based.

Little Zen One– Colibri masks (made in Canada), Canada/USA based.

Sewfunky– Canada based. Donated to local essential workers (Guelph, ON) or by purchase for general use.

Butterfly Baby– USA based. Donated to local essential workers, by purchase for general use.

Wallypop– USA based scrub caps.

Tekhni Wovens- USA based, distribution of masks (KN95), PPE including dust/face covers, surgical masks etc. Email for details.  

Designed By Geeks– free multi-size mask pattern.

Blue Hibou– Canada based. Custom wrap-fabric and cotton masks available by order.

UCHI– Canada based.

DIDYMOS– Germany based. Woven wrap fabric.

The Copper Attic– USA based.

Bamberoo– USA based.

Bibetts– USA based.

Beyond the Baby Store Alaska– USA based.

Poarta-Ma!– Romania based.

2Lambie– USA based.

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