PSA: Using Clothing as Carriers

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The BCIA is a non-profit trade organization representing the manufacturers, retailers and educators who work in the baby carrier industry. We work to advance the industry, promote the importance of carrier use, and maintain best practice and safety guidelines for consumers. Quite a bit of social media attention has recently centered around using clothing as a makeshift carrier, in particular, using long, thin, stretchy cardigans as a wrap around carrying shirt. These shirts are not manufactured, tested, or meant to … Read More

Disaster Relief Efforts Q&A

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When natural disaster strikes, our best intentions are to assist. Texas, USA is currently dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and unprecedented flood levels. Mumbai, India is currently experiencing the worst flooding in recent history. The following is a short Q&A addressing some of the questions that have arisen in the babywearing community during these disasters. Q. My carrier was submerged or flood damaged, can it be salvaged? A. The short answer is probably not. While simple wrap … Read More

2018 Safety Brochure Sponsorship Opportunity

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We are doing another print run of our popular Babywearing Safety Brochure in the UK, Australia, as well as a Spanish language print run in the USA. These brochures are free to whomever requests them and delivers valuable safety information to consumers. This program is made possible because of the generous sponsorship of our industry members. Sponsorship is your business logo on the back of the brochures (limit 4 per brochure print run). Details are as follows: US print run … Read More

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