Baby Carrier Regulations

The BCIA is Your Source for Baby Carrier Compliance Assistance.

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Compliance Checklist

Baby Carrier regulations compliance requires substantial effort. Keep the following steps in mind and you’ll come out on top:

  • Join the ASTM and purchase the relevant standard: F2236 (SSCs, mei tais and front pack carriers), F2907 (slings, wraps and pouch carriers) or F2549 (frame carriers).
  • The European equivalent is the EN-13209-2 standard for carriers with bound leg openings, and the TR-16512 technical report for all other slings and carriers, both of which can be accessed from European Standards.
  • Doing business in the US? Familiarize yourself with current CPSIA requirements.
  • In addition to ASTM, EN and/or CPSIA labeling requirements, most countries also have a Textile Act that mandates fabric content, care, testing  and labeling of textile products. Familiarize yourself with the requirements in your country of business.
  • Insurance, while not legally required, protects your personal assets and limits liability.
  • Detailed compliance and best practice guidelines for retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the US and Canadian markets are available to active business members both through the member forums, and/or through email. Contact the BCIA today to access these documents.

Components of Compliance

A small sample of the many compliance service providers available to the industry.


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Product Registration Service

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