Product Registration Service


BCIA can bring you into compliance with the product registration requirement of the CPSIA, effective December 29, 2010 (read more about this CPSIA requirement). We also have a turn-key solution for the online registration requirement, should you need it, and details about the online service can be found in the member content section. If you sell carriers into the US market, you must physically attach a PRS card to each carrier.  If you have a business website, you must also install an online PRS system as well.

BCIA owns a Business Reply Mail postal permit and will supply postage-paid product registration card templates for use by our manufacturer and distributor/importer members. We collect consumer product registration cards through the mail, and transmit the information back to our members monthly.

BCIA is uniquely positioned to offer this turn-key service to our members, which saves them time, money, and headaches, while allowing them to fully comply with current regulatory law. Additionally, retailers and consumers can have confidence that BCIA member manufacturers and importers are in compliance with current regulations. BCIA has garnered kudos from one important consumer safety group (through Facebook), when they read about our program:

Kids In Danger > Baby Carrier Industry Alliance –great idea to help your members comply with product registration card requirement — an important measure to make sure consumer learn of recalled products. Currently most recalled products remain in use –leading to more injuries.

This registration requirement applies to all baby carriers sold into the US market, including those manufactured overseas. Domestic manufacturers and importers of foreign manufactured products are ultimately responsible for compliance with this law.

Read a full summary of the requirements under Section 104 of the CPSIA.

How the Program Works

Step 1 – Registration Cards

  • Option A: Purchase the editable PDF template and print the cards yourself or have a local printer do them for you (best for those who produce overseas or have a prior relationship with a printer.)
  • Option B: Purchase generic pre-printed cards from BCIA, and personalize them with stickers and/or hand-writing (better for low-volume manufacturers and most importers of foreign manufactured carriers.)

Step 2 – Postage and Handling

Your customers return their registration cards through the mail, and we collect them for you. You are charged Post Office postage and handling fees ($1.12 per card returned) only for the cards returned by your customers. *Please note that your company’s privacy, and that of your customers, is completely assured. A BCIA contractor interacts with these cards, and she is not a member of the baby carrier industry. No competitors will ever have access to your cards or information about the volume of cards received for your company.

Step 3 – Data Collection

BCIA will either scan and email you a PDF of your cards, or mail you the physical cards each month (your preference).
That’s it! Three easy steps to compliance.


Pricing varies by your current membership level:
STEP 1: Registration Cards

  • Option A editable template: One time cost – (Yellow/Green free, Indigo/Orange $5, Violet $10, Red $15)
  • Option B generic pre-printed cards: $.10 each, plus actual shipping and a small packaging fee per order

Step 2: Postage and Handling

You pay actual Post Office postage and handling for each returned card – $1.12/per card.

Step 3: Data Collection

  • Option A: Cards are scanned and emailed to you – $1.00/month + (Green/Yellow $.05, Indigo/Orange $.08, Violet $.12, Red $.15) per card
  • Option B: Physical cards are put into an envelope and mailed to you first class – same price as Option A, plus actual postage

Please email to get set up in our PRS program.