The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is a 501c(6) non-profit trade organization committed to advancing the baby carrier industry. We represent manufacturers, retailers, educators and related organizations in their endeavors to bring quality carriers and carrier education to caregivers. 

Our Story

The BCIA was founded 10 years ago in 2010 as a direct need for industry collaboration and standardization. Our goal is to ensure the industry is adequately represented in the standards development process, both in the US and internationally. We help small businesses manage the regulatory process through compliance services designed to make the process accessible and affordable. 

Our Members

The BCIA currently represents over 200 members in 20 countries. Our largest membership groups are in the USA, Canada and Europe. 

Our Staff and Volunteers

Our international Board of Directors can be found here.

A robust team of industry volunteers manage shipping/products, facilitation and committee duties.

Linnea Catalan

Executive Director (2012-present)

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