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Product Registration Partnership: Registria

Product Registration Service Update

In our efforts to continually improve our programs and services, we are pleased to roll out some exciting improvements to our Product Registration Service (PRS). As of April 1, we will be partnering with Registria, the leader in the product ownership experience, to manage our product registration program.

We chose Registria as our registration services partner given their expertise not only in product registration but also because of their technological expertise in providing consumers a better registration experience while bringing manufacturers greater value. Registria’s solution is turn-key and is compliant with current regulatory law and can help all BCIA members be CPSC compliant with ease.

More specifically, Registria will manage and administer the program and provide the following:

  • Management of the required paper PRS card registration process. All printed cards will be forwarded to Registria for scanning and keying of data and all processes, data management and delivery meet BCIA standards.
  • Optional no charge online registration link for online registrations.
  • Registration data from paper and online registrations will be provided back to members within 4 days after cards are processed.
  • Direct access to all of your customer registration data, in one database via a web log-in. This is a fantastic benefit in comparison to the scanned cards each member received by mail or by email which made it difficult to aggregate and access the data. (Yes- this means no more data entry and records reconciliation! All company product registration returns can be held in one cloud database.)
  • After the transition period, Registria will offer an additional option for BCIA members that will allow consumers to register through text or messenger with their mobile device using Registria’s proprietary technology, PhotoregisterSM. The Photoregister icon can also be printed on the PRS card and gives your customers an easy way to register that is fully compliant.
  • Easy billing and account updates for members- more information coming soon. Fee structures will be comparable to current BCIA PRS pricing.

We are already working with Registria to transfer our current processes over to their modern registration solution. To help our members with the transition, we are offering any current product registration users (or interested members) an opportunity to learn more via a Webinar with the Registria team. We encourage you to join to learn more.

Wednesday, April 4th from 1:00-2:00pm EDT

Click to register for the BCIA & Registria webinar

We’re very excited about the added benefits Registria will provide to our members moving forward. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at or to the Registria team at


Linnea Catalan, BCIA Executive Director


An example of a product registration card that incorporates photoregistration.

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