2018 Safety Brochure Sponsorship Opportunity

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We are doing another print run of our popular Babywearing Safety Brochure in the UK, Australia, as well as a Spanish language print run in the USA. These brochures are free to whomever requests them and delivers valuable safety information to consumers. This program is made possible because of the generous sponsorship of our industry members.

Sponsorship is your business logo on the back of the brochures (limit 4 per brochure print run). Details are as follows:

US print run (english language): 15,000 brochures, sponsorship cost $300 USD (looking for 4 sponsors)

Australia print run: 5000 brochures, sponsorship cost $125 AUD (looking for 3 more sponsors)

UK print run: 5000 brochures, sponsorship cost £120 (looking for 3 more sponsors)

NEW! opportunity Spanish language print run: 5000 brochures, sponsorship cost $125 USD (still looking for 2 more sponsors)

Current safety brochures:

BCIA Safety Brochure-Spanish

BCIA Safety Brochure 2016

If you are a BCIA member and you would like to sponsor one of these brochure runs, please get in touch with Linnea at director@bcia-dev.mystagingwebsite.com

We currently have English and French language brochures printed and in stock in the US and Canada. If you would like a stack, please contact Nadine at admin@director@bcia-dev.mystagingwebsite.com to order.